Bruce Boudreau Recounts Past Dealings with Nylander's Dad

Published August 26, 2023 at 7:09 PM

Boudreau Reflects on the Nylanders

Bruce Boudreau, renowned in the hockey world both as a coach and GM, recently shared a memory involving Michael Nylander, father of William Nylander, which has garnered significant attention.

Boudreau: "Starting with Auston, effectively it's a five-year commitment. My experience negotiating with Michael Nylander showed me he was a hard bargainer. William's last contract went down to the wire, with him holding out until December. He's poised to expect a bigger paycheck after Auston's deal, especially if his performance matches last year's.

As for Mitch, he too will likely want a significant salary. It's tough to envision accommodating all three without some concessions. While Auston's acquisition was top priority, and rightfully so, William's contributions, akin to Auston's in terms of scores, cannot be overlooked. He may not have Auston's defensive prowess or play center, but he's likely to ask for something in the ballpark of 10 million or even more."

The Nylander Legacy

Bruce's revelations offer a glimpse into the challenges of negotiating with the Nylander family. Considering William Nylander's stellar 87-point season, it's apparent he deserves a significant salary hike from his current $6.9 million.

Michael Nylander, who played for teams like the Whalers, Flames, Capitals, Blackhawks, Lightning, Bruins, and Rangers, always ensured he maximized his earnings.


Given this history, there's growing speculation around William Nylander's next move. Will he choose to settle with the Maple Leafs or follow in his father's footsteps, shifting from one team to another in pursuit of the best deal?

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Bruce Boudreau Recounts Past Dealings with Nylander's Dad

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