Brian Burke Identifies the Core Four Member He'd Consider for Trading

Published May 30, 2023 at 7:53

Former NHL Role Player Brian Burke's Influence on the Sport

Even though Brian Burke has stepped down from his NHL role, his significant impact on the sport is still felt and respected. He remains an influential figure with insights that command attention in the hockey world.

The Maple Leafs, currently in a complex scenario, are the latest to draw his gaze. Recently, Burke revealed the player he would consider trading from the team's celebrated Core 4.

Brian Burke's Take on the Core 4

Burke's candor about the Core 4 has been remarkable. He stated, ,

"I've been pretty open in real time about the fab 4 and the contracts they were given at that time. I called it out as it was happening. Nicky, I believe you recall me saying that the sequence in which they signed them and the sums they paid them was a mistake. The no trades, the terms—I critiqued every part of it."

He pointed out that it's easy to call out issues retrospectively, but he stood out by identifying problems as they occurred.

"It's simple to say 'I told you so' when things don't work out, but many people didn't spot these issues. I did, in real time."

The future of the Core 4 is a subject of speculation for Burke.

"There's a real question about how they will align everything, what their next move will be. There are some timeframes that are now coming into play. This job is tough! But it is achievable."

Brian Burke's Choice for Trade from the Core 4

When it comes to identifying which member of the Core 4 to trade, Burke has his pick. He explained,

"You have to figure out two things—what to do with Mitch Marner and whether Auston Matthews wishes to re-sign with Toronto. If Matthews decides to stay, I believe Nylander would likely be the first to be traded from that group."

He continued, praising Tavares, another member of the Core 4.

"Tavares has been a great guy, I don't see him leaving. He's worked extremely hard, and he's an excellent player."

The idea of trading any of the Core 4 seems difficult to grasp, yet Burke's perspective is compelling and worth considering!

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Brian Burke Identifies the Core Four Member He'd Consider for Trading

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