Breaking: Keefe Reveals Jake McCabe's Injury After MRI

Published October 28, 2023 at 12:15

Sheldon Keefe has updated fans on the severity of Jake McCabe's injury.

Keefe Sheds Light on McCabe's Injury Status


Jake McCabe's recent lower-body injury has left fans anxious about the duration of his potential absence. Coach Keefe has since provided clarity on McCabe's injury and the estimated recovery time.

Sheldon Keefe says Leafs got good news on the Jake McCabe MRI results

D-man is not expected to miss significant time with a groin injury

The term " significant time" might be a bit ambiguous, but indications are that McCabe will be returning sooner rather than later. We're hopeful that McCabe won't be out for more than a few weeks.

Updates on the exact duration of his absence are awaited.

As seen on Hockey Patrol - BREAKING: Sheldon Keefe Confirms McCabe's Fate After MRI
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Breaking: Keefe Reveals Jake McCabe's Injury After MRI

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