BREAKING: Matt Murray's Exit is Looming for the Leafs

Published July 4, 2023 at 10:25
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Murray's Performance

Last summer, Ottawa traded Murray to Toronto. Many speculated that playing for a high-performing team like Toronto would assist him in regaining his talent. However, this didn't transpire, as he participated in a measly 26 games.

His stats across these games are also nothing to write home about, indicating a goals-against average of 3.02 and a save percentage of .903.

It seems like all signs are pointing towards Murray soon parting ways with the Leafs.

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Matt Murray's Exit from the Maple Leafs

Chris Johnston shares that Toronto needs to offload Murray's contract due to a salary cap crunch.

»The Leafs currently sit above the NHL's $83.5-million ceiling and are now looking to unload goaltender Matt Murray and his $4.69-million cap hit. They're on the hunt for trade options, but they have a Plan B in their back pocket if something palatable fails to materialize. Teams that have a player go to salary arbitration gain a second buyout window following the hearing, and it appears likely that goaltender Ilya Samsonov will be taking Toronto to arb later this summer."

A Strategy for the Leafs?

To navigate this situation, the Maple Leafs' GM may need to consider trading Murray to a team with substantial space. The Arizona Coyotes, the Chicago Blackhawks, or the Anaheim Ducks are all worthy contenders that could take Murray.

GM Brad Treliving's negotiating power could be limited, potentially leading to the Leafs having to shell out a substantial amount to persuade other teams to take Murray off their hands.

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