Auston Matthews during the 2024 All-Stars Skills Competition in Toronto
Photo credit: NHL

Auston Matthews Gets Screwed by the NHL in Skills Competition

Published February 3, 2024 at 11:23
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Edmonton Oilers' Connor McDavid won the NHL All-Star Skills Competition last night. He was very impressive and the whole event was fun to watch. However, new evidence emerged that cast a shadow over one of the challenges.

Shooting Competition: Matthews Faster than McDavid?

During one of the fan-favourite event, the shooting accuracy challenge, two players stood out from the rest: Auston Matthews and Connor McDavid.


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Watch McDavid's exceptional performance here:

And Matthews':

However, a controversial decision as to who was the fastest in the challenge is causing a stir. A video shows that Matthews had hit the four targets in less than nine seconds.

Here's some proof:

"Matthews got snubbed in the accuracy shooting competition.

He finished at 8.9 seconds."

As suggested by this new evidence, Matthews should've won that challenge.

However, it remained entertaining to watch. This is always one of the fan-favourite challenge and players often take it more seriously.

As seen on Hockey Patrol - NHL Caught Screwing Over Auston Matthews in the Skills Competition
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