Corey Perry in a practice session with the Edmonton Oilers
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BREAKING: Massive Update Regarding Corey Perry's Contract Termination

Published February 2, 2024 at 6:53 PM
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Corey Perry's contract was terminated last November by the Chicago Blackhawks organization, and there's finally been a new development from the NHLPA concerning a potential appeal.


NHLPA Wants to File Grievance Over Perry's Contract Termination

A new update from Bill Daly informed us that the NHLPA "threatened" to file a grievance for Perry's contract termination.

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Bill Daly says the NHLPA has "threatened" to file a grievance on behalf of Corey Perry for his late November contract termination by the #Blackhawks.

Friedman added that it was agreed to postpone the deadline to file a grievance for Perry.

Considering Corey Perry's current situation with the Edmonton Oilers, he might decide to let the NHLPA handle this issue.

Do you think the NHLPA will file a grievance for Perry?

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