Anticipated Strategic Shift by New Leafs' GM May Revolutionize the Team

Elliot Ben Jacob
June 1, 2023  (1:14 PM)

Brad Treliving's Possible Game Plan for the Leafs

In the aftermath of Toronto Maple Leafs' defeat by the Florida Panthers, Kyle Dubas, the former manager, assured the continuation of the Core Four. This announcement came prior to the official appointment of Brad Treliving as the new General Manager.
As Treliving steps into his new role, speculation about his strategy for the team is mounting, with insights from a respected insider shedding light on his potential approach.

Inside Scoop: Treliving Likely to Retain Core Four

Elliotte Friedman, on his Sportsnet platform, hypothesized that Treliving will likely adopt Dubas' approach and build around the same four key players. As per his statement on SN, Friedman conjectured,
"I don't think Treliving wants to make any changes to the core four, definitely doesn't want to move Marner, believes he wants to make adjustments around them, especially on D. Treliving has a history of drafting and trading for D."

Shifting Perspectives on the Future of the Core Four

Contrary to popular belief that at least one of the Core Four was destined to depart the Leafs, it now seems they may remain integral to the team.
The importance of this decision cannot be overstated. If the Core Four — Matthews, Nylander, Tavares, and Marner — are committed to the team, securing Matthews and Nylander shouldn't pose a significant challenge.
It remains to be seen how this decision will shape the team's long-term prospects. However, investing in these four players isn't considered a high-risk strategy.

Treliving's Potential Moves

Should Treliving retain the Core Four, his next moves might involve slight roster adjustments, primarily involving a few defensemen and possibly some players from the bottom six. Making the right decisions here could potentially propel the team beyond the second round in the next season.