BREAKING: Kyle Dubas Has Officially Been Hired By a New Team

Published June 1, 2023 at 10:47
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Kyle Dubas is officially moving on from the Maple Leafs, as he's just been hired by a new NHL team, in a non-GM role. The announcement comes after a week of rumors circulating about Dubas and his next move.

Dubas Comes to Pittsburgh

Kyle Dubas has been hired by the Pittsburgh Penguins as their President of Hockey Operations. This is an interesting move for Dubas, as many thought he would pursue a GM role with Pittsburgh in Ron Hextall's absence.

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Dubas likely has more freedom as the President of Hockey Ops, and whoever he hires as GM will now have to answer to him.

It was reported about a week ago that Dubas had met with Pittsburgh's upper management and their Captain Sidney Crosby. Clearly, Dubas made a good impression.

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