Brian Burke Gives Brad Treliving Some Tips to Succeed in Toronto

Published June 1, 2023 at 8:42
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New Boss for Maple Leafs

Big news from the Toronto Maple Leafs! They picked Brad Treliving as their new General Manager, the 18th one in their history.

Treliving knows how to deal with the pressure of being a big shot in Canadian hockey from his time in Calgary. But in Toronto, the pressure is even bigger. Everyone's waiting to see if Treliving can help the team win.

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Helpful Tips From Brian Burke

Brian Burke, who has been in Treliving's shoes before, gave some tips on how to win over the fans in Toronto.

"It's a balance game," Burke commented, talking about the mix of winning games and being liked by the people. "Some folks managed this better than I did. Signing a top-tier free agent can quickly make you a fan favourite. That's a move Treliving might want to consider to get into the good books. But PR isn't everything. Making sound decisions while maintaining a positive public image is a simple yet effective way to start strong."

"He has to talk to Auston Matthews as soon as possible. The coach, Sheldon Keefe, can wait a bit. Keefe's doing well, he might stay or he might not. But Treliving can tell Sheldon to wait until the draft is over."

"Dealing with William Nylander, who might not be able to be traded easily, is another big task for Treliving. Burke believes that Nylander can handle this change well."

All eyes are on the decisions Treliving will make, especially about the 'core four' players. No matter what, the next season will be exciting for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

As seen on Hockey Patrol - Brian Burke Reveals What Brad Treliving Has To Do To Succeed In Toronto
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