Hurricanes Fan Creatively Roasts the Tampa Bay Lightning on Wikipedia

Published March 7, 2023 at 7:54 PM
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The rivalry between the Carolina Hurricanes and Tampa Bay Lightning is captivating, as both teams are based in the south and have the potential for significant success in the upcoming season.

Following their devastating 6-0 defeat to the Hurricanes, the Lightning were subject to serious ridicule.

A particular Hurricanes fan took it upon themselves to mock Tampa Bay by hilariously making edits to their Wikipedia page.

Fan Roasts the Lightning

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The Hurricanes fan playfully mocked the Lightning by editing their Wikipedia page and claiming that the team participates in team-building activities, citing that the team took a trip to Raleigh to watch a hockey game.

The Canes fan delivered a clever insult by saying that the Lightning team only saw the puck go into their own net while playing in Carolina. Great job, Canes fan!
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