Pittsburgh Penguins Stanley Cup Window Revealed By NHL Insider

Published August 15, 2023 at 7:03 PM

The Pittsburgh Penguins have undergone some pretty massive changes this season. The biggest two are the hiring of Kyle Dubas and the trade for Erik Karlsson. Once these moves were made many thought that it fully opened the window for the Penguins to contend for several years. According to one insider, this may not be the case though.

The Penguins New Window

According to an insider the Penguins new window to win a Cup has extended but not nearly as much as people think:

The Erik Karlsson deal: where Kyle Dubas is making moves. You tweeted about that, right?

Yes, I did. That tweet quickly went viral because of the responses I received. With X, formerly known as Twitter, the more provocative you are, the more feedback you get. My tweet about Dubas wasn't intended to provoke, but it became clear that Dubas is polarizing. If you've been associated with the Maple Leafs in any capacity, especially recently, people will react strongly. After the Karlsson deal, my tweet was even featured on TSN2. When I tweeted it, I didn't mean Dubas is the best GM, nor that all his moves are good. In fact, he's made several poor trades. Yet, he's actively involved in numerous deals. You see his influence in the moves he made during the trade deadline and on July 1st.

On X, distinguishing real from fake accounts can be challenging. I had to ensure that tweet was genuinely from you because it was so surprising. Craig even commented, suggesting Kelly McCriman is the actual NHL pace setter. Regardless, the spotlight is on Dubas now. He's the president and self-appointed GM, answering to no one. He'll make his desired moves, constrained only by the fact he can't trade core pieces like Sidney Crosby. This restriction, present in both Toronto and Pittsburgh, affects his strategies.

Dubas's approach is intriguing. He's added Karlsson, who's 33, to a team with other members around the ages of 35 or 36. This strategy seems to aim for a two-year run with this group. Beyond that, there might be a need for a reset and a focus on future prospects. This could give Dubas almost a decade to shape the Penguins.

However, even with these moves, I doubt they have more than a two-year window to chase glory. After that, the team might struggle for a while. Pittsburgh hasn't been in such a situation before. Dubas will have to build from scratch for the first time, requiring patience and foresight.

Yet, considering the Penguins' past successes, it makes sense to maximize the current core's potential. The Eastern Conference will be competitive, with teams like Boston, Pittsburgh, and the Islanders fighting for playoff spots. The Karlsson deal, essentially a salary dump, reflects the current NHL state, where cap space is a premium asset. In this salary-cap era, San Jose took a significant hit by getting rid of Karlsson for just a protected first-round pick, highlighting the value of cap space over future assets.

The insider mentions that Kyle Dubas no longer has anyone to answer to in Pittsburgh, unlike his previous stop in Toronto. This gave him the freedom to orchestrate the deal he wanted freely. The insider considers Dubas' approach to be interesting as many of the players in their core are at the end of their peak. He believes this will leave a two-year run followed by a massive fall-off and rebuild.

Pittsburgh's Incoming Rebuild

Many have been wondering when the Penguins' rebuild would begin. Each year much like the Boston Bruins fans and others predict their fall off and the team refuses to let it happen. With Erik Karlsson now in the mix rebuild talks will be delayed for at least a season or two. When the rebuild finally does happen however it could be an ugly one. Pittsburgh's prospect system is not all that deep. Although they will have top prospect Brayden Yager to lead the charge when the time comes.

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Pittsburgh Penguins Stanley Cup Window Revealed By NHL Insider

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