Penguins Reveal Their New Plan To Unleash The Power Play

Tyler Ball
September 23, 2023  (5:04 PM)

The Pittsburgh Penguins made a blockbuster addition this offseason brining in Erik Karlsson. After this trade, many wondered how Karlsson and Kris Letang would co-exist. Now a new report has answered this very question.

Penguins Plan To Unleash The Power Play

Just a couple of days into training camp the Pittsburgh Penguins have revealed the new plan for their highly talented power play. Many wondered if Kris Letang and Erik Karlsson would have to fight for playing time on the top unit. Now we have an answer to this.
Mike Sullivan tells me that the @penguins are ready to unleash Karlsson and Letang on the same power play.

«The power play is very important to Erik and Kris. So we'll start with both of them on the top unit. And so we'll see how it goes. We've got a lot of options."
For now, both players will get their shot to co-exist on the top power-play unit. Most teams in the modern day do not use two defensemen on the power play but most teams don't have two defensemen as skilled as Karlsson and Letang.

Karlsson Looking To Bring Pittsburgh Another Championship

After his Norris Trophy-winning campaign, Erik Karlsson is on to bigger goals. The Swedish superstar is still missing the elusive Stanley Cup championship in his career. After the trade from San Jose to Pittsburgh Karlsson is in a good position to win that championship.
Karlsson will need to tighten up on defense. Even with his amazing offensive numbers last season, he was still shaky defensively. If he and the Penguins want to succeed deep into the Stanley Cup playoffs this is a change Karlsson will need to make. Luckily for him, he will have plenty more talent around him to help than he did in San Jose.
As the season goes on it will be fun to see if the Penguins can keep two defensemen on the top unit of the power play. If they struggle it won't be long before Pittsburgh might have to make a choice between Karlsson and Letang.