Elliotte Friedman Reveals Kyle Dubas' Next Move

Published August 7, 2023 at 10:48

Whenever Elliotte Friedman talks, the hockey world listens. And many times, what he says turns out to be true. Lately, he has connected the Pittsburgh Penguins with one of the top free agents who is still available.

After the surprising three-way deal involving Erik Karlsson, Friedman revealed another big news: Kyle Dubas is not finished making trades yet.

Pittsburgh Pushing for Offense

Even though it's already August, Tomas Tatar, the veteran winger, is surprisingly still without a contract. However, if Friedman's sources are accurate, Tatar might soon find a new team.

Friedman hinted that the Penguins are interested in acquiring Tatar.

That's not all folks! Late night update: Per Elliotte Friedman on Sportsnet Central tonight- he «thinks Pittsburgh targets a forward like Tomas Tatar»

Stay tuned.


A Good Fit?

Looking at Tatar's history, he's no stranger to being traded, having been involved in some major trades recently. While he has faced challenges in the playoffs, he has shown to be a reliable contributor during the regular season, especially in the middle-six role.

Given the tough competition in the Eastern Conference, the Penguins cannot afford to be complacent. Tatar could be the spark they need to make a successful playoff run, even if his playoff record is not outstanding.
According to Elliotte Friedman on Sportsnet Central, there's a belief that Pittsburgh is interested in a forward like Tomas Tatar.

As reported on Hockey Patrol - Kyle Dubas' Next Move Exposed by Elliotte Friedman
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Elliotte Friedman Reveals Kyle Dubas' Next Move

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