Snoop Dogg's Surprising Investment Choice

Published May 1, 2023 at 2:41 PM

It seems like everyone wants a piece of the Ottawa Senators lately. Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds has expressed interest in buying part of the team, and now rapper Snoop Dogg has joined the mix.

Reynolds' desire to invest in the Senators is understandable given his Canadian roots and his previous experience owning a sports team, Wrexham FC. On the other hand, Snoop Dogg's interest in the Senators is surprising, considering he's known to be a die-hard Kings fan. Perhaps the opportunity was too good to pass up for the rapper.

However, given the vast wealth that Snoop Dogg has at his disposal, it's not entirely unexpected that he would want to invest in something other than cannabis. If the two celebrities were to collaborate on purchasing the Senators, it could be just the boost the team needs. The previous owner, Eugene Melnyk, faced a lot of criticism, and it's time for a fresh start.

Could this investment also mean the development of a new arena in Ottawa? Only time will tell.

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Snoop Dogg's Surprising Investment Choice

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