Massive Update on Patrick Kane's future

Published August 31, 2023 at 8:07 PM

Patrick Kane's Offseason Update

After a rather quiet offseason, NHL superstar Patrick Kane has been making headlines, especially in regard to his recovery.

The illustrious forward, formerly of the Chicago Blackhawks and ending his last season with the New York Rangers, underwent a hip resurfacing surgery in June.

Return to the Ice

Kane's slated return is in January 2024. However, considering the pace of his recovery, it might be possible to see him back on ice even sooner.

«It's just exciting to see progression and just feeling better on the ice,»

Expressed Kane during an interview with The Associated Press. Further elaborating on his potential early return, he stated:

«I think we're at the point now where, I mean, could I come back early? Yeah, probably. But does it make sense?... But it's a lot better than I was last year.»


Free Agency and Future Prospects

The upcoming season still holds uncertainty for Kane in terms of his team alignment. As an unrestricted free agent, he clarifies that no under-the-table deals have been made. Kane emphasized his patience, stating that he will choose the best fit after his recovery. He mentioned:

«If someone wanted to come and give an offer that I was excited about, and a situation that I'm excited about, it's not like I wouldn't be listening just because of the situation I'm in.»


Despite his hip challenges, Kane showcased impressive performance last season. He tallied 12 points in 19 regular-season games and added another six points in seven playoff games for the Rangers.

Previous Players and Hip Surgery

Kane's hip surgery isn't unique in the NHL, though the outcomes vary. Only one NHL player, Nicklas Backstrom of the Washington Capitals, has marked a successful comeback post such a surgery, with 21 points in 39 games. On the flip side, Carl Hagelin never returned to action following the same surgery.

Moreover, Ed Jovanovski's career ended soon after, playing only 37 games post-surgery. Everyone is hopeful that Kane mirrors Backstrom's trajectory.

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Massive Update on Patrick Kane's future

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