Ex-NHL Player Reveals Tortorella's Wild Idea to End a Slump

Published August 19, 2023 at 4:17 PM

Throughout the years in the NHL, coaches have come up with different ways and styles to make players comfortable and get them playing their best, but this piece of advice may take the cake.

Classic Tortorella


John Tortorella has been a controversial coach in the NHL for decades now, and while some have an issue with the way he coaches, there's no denying he's had plenty of success in the league.

Now, former NHLer Brandon Prust has revealed a wild story about Torts on the latest episode of the Missin Curfew podcast.

Interesting advice

According to Prust, Torts once told Brad Richards during his early days with the Rangers that he should go out and try some dr*gs to end a form slump.

Torts told Brad Richards to go out and do dr*gs because he was in a slump.

Obviously, this was most likely a joke and classic Torts having some fun, but given what we've heard about him over the years, it's certainly hard to tell. Either way though, it makes for a wild story.

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Ex-NHL Player Reveals Tortorella's Wild Idea to End a Slump

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