Montreal Celebrity Reveals Details on Bar Encounter with Cole Caufield

Published October 20, 2023 at 12:30

Cole Caufield has an impressive resume. He's a Hobey Baker award recipient, a top-15 draft pick, a scorer of 25 goals, and a cherished figure in the Montreal Canadiens roster.

However, being tall isn't one of his attributes.

Celebrity Makes Fun at Caufield's Height


The world of sports media can sometimes amplify stories beyond their true proportions.

Rumors began swirling about Cole Caufield's alleged relationship with Ally Imbeault, an adult model and a former contestant on the renowned TV show Occupation Double . She's also a notable creator on OnlyFans

Recently, Imbeault set the record straight in an interview, playfully ribbing Caufield along the way:

»No, no, no, no, no! Nothing ever happened. It will never happen.

We might have crossed paths in a bar and that's honestly where it ended.

The guy barely comes up to my chin. I like a guy (she points above her head).»

Caufield Remains Focused


Whether or not he was ever in Imbeault's romantic sights, Caufield has 62.8 million compelling reasons to brush off such comments.

He just needs to focus on doing what he does best – sending pucks into nets. With his talent, admirers are sure to follow!

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Montreal Celebrity Reveals Details on Bar Encounter with Cole Caufield

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