Blackhawks Coach Fires Back At Reaves

Published October 20, 2023 at 1:27

It is not often you hear an NHL head coach speak on matters that involve players from different teams feuding but Luke Richardson proved yesterday that he is not afraid to go there.

Richardson Calls Out Reaves

Blackhawks head coach Luke Richardson was asked about the Perry-Reaves beef and his answer was quite interesting.


"[Perry] was yapping at him from the bench and told him he lost his last two fights. [Reaves] asked him, 'What are you going to do? You're scared of me.' Corey is like, 'I've never been scared a day in my life.'

Richardson continued to discuss how situations like these are impactful for the young players on the team that are still getting used to the league. He did not mention Bedard specifically, but he seemed to hint that he wants some of Perry's style to rub off on the 18-year-old.

"For the young players to hear that, and then see him go out and wrestle with [Reaves] on the ice and score the game-winning goal, who's more effective in the game?"

Bedard Learning From The Vets

Despite the fact that Bedard has played just five career NHL games, it already seems like a foregone conclusion that he will be the captain for the Blackhawks sooner or later.

While Perry's personality and leadership style have been somewhat controversial, it is hard to argue with the results on the ice. It seems as though Richardson is hoping he learned something from this whole situation; Ignore the noise, stand up for yourself, and beat them where it counts, on the scoreboard.
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Blackhawks Coach Fires Back At Reaves

When Will Bedard become captain of the Blackhawks?

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Two years from now4830.8 %
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