Nylander Sent Head-First Into Boards, No Call From Refs

Published October 19, 2023 at 9:30 PM

Leafs fans had a scary moment tonight when superstar forward William Nylander went into the boards head-first early in the second period.

Nylander Takes Dangerous Hit

Early in the second period, Panthers defenseman Dmitry Kulikov hit William Nylander into the boards behind the Panthers net. The play looked scary as Nylander was already stumbling and he landed head-first going into the boards. There was no call on the play.


Luckily, the Swedish superstar appeared to be just fine after the play as he quickly picked himself back up and got back into the play. Regardless though, hits like this should draw calls every time as players can and will get hurt.

As seen on Scary Scene As William Nylander Gets Thrown Head First Into The Boards
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Nylander Sent Head-First Into Boards, No Call From Refs

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