NHL Veteran With 1000 Games Possibly Facing Career's End

Tyler Ball
September 8, 2023  (9:07)

For every athlete, the day comes when they can no longer play. Some it comes after high school others get the opportunity to play a decade in the NHL. For one longtime NHL veteran, the end may be near.

Edler Still Wants To Continue Playing

Alexander Edler has been a mainstay in the NHL for over a decade. Most of his career to this point has been spent with the Vancouver Canucks. Now he is still available in free agency as the offseason is coming to a close. Many players have been signed to contracts or Player Tryouts (PTOs) to this point but Edler remains available.
Media and fans were unsure if Edler still had the desire to play in the NHL this season. According to a new report from Jeff Peterson Edler still wants to play in the NHL. At the age of 37, the market for Edler might be smaller than ever.
If Edler can find a fit he could earn a PTO or a contract heading into training camp still. This would allow him the opportunity to prove that he can still hang in the NHL. If not Edler's time as an NHLer may come to an end earlier than he and others expected.

Edler's Career To This Point

Up until now, Alexander Edler has been a solid two-way defenseman capable of playing big minutes. He broke through with the Vancouver Canucks in 2007-08. He would spend the next 14 years in Vancouver playing 903 games and scoring 406 points. Then Edler took his talents to Los Angeles where he played 2 years and 105 games.
Edler was considered a good two-way defenseman. He was a top-pairing defenseman on several of the Vancouver Canucks playoff teams. Now he will be looking for a new home for 2023-24. As the regular season comes closer it will be interesting to see if a team gives him a chance or if this truly is the end for Edler.