Carter Hart Makes Shocking Decision And Cuts Ties With Philadelphia

Tyler Ball
September 7, 2023  (8:15 PM)

The relationship between Carter Hart and the Philadelphia Flyers has been quickly deteriorating throughout the offseason. The two sides have been at odds and there have been rumors that the Flyers have been trying to trade Hart. Now Hart has made a decision to cut himself off from the organization.

Hart Removes Flyers From His Life

One user on X noticed that Carter Hart made a huge change on Instagram. Hart has gone private on Instagram and removed anything Flyers from his bio.
Carter Hart has gone private on Instagram and has also taken «Flyers» out of his bio.

This could mean a lot of different things but it is definitely interesting to say the least.
This could be everything or it could be nothing. Oftentimes athletes will change up and clean out their social media to reset themselves for a new season. In this case though with all of the turmoil between both sides, there is likely something more.

Will Hart Be Traded?

With the continued drama between the two sides, a trade for Carter Hart feels more and more likely. Hart is still just 25 years old which is young for a goaltender. He likely still has value to several teams around the league. One factor might be holding up a potential trade though.
Carter Hart was a member of the 2018 Canadian World Junior Team. With the current investigations going on with that team and their scandal, this may be impacting a potential trade. Once the details of who was involved are released this situation might be able to progress. For now, Hart, the Flyers, and other interested teams are in a wait-and-see period.