Jonathan Huberdeau Makes NHL History for an Incredibly Embarrassing Reason

Published April 13, 2023 at 3:25 PM
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The Calgary Flames didn't have a great season. Players had many problems with their head coach Darryl Sutter, Jacob Markstrom didn't play very well and other star players haven't met the expectations.

As a result, they failed to qualify for the playoffs.

In this disastrous season, one player that was especially dissapointing was Jonathan Huberdeau.

Huberdeau Sets NHL Record for Biggest Drop in Points

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Last season, while suiting up for the Panthers, Huberdeau was pruducing a lot and scored115 points. This season has been a different story, with Huberdeau managing only 55 points. This incredible 60-point decline now holds the unfortunate record of being the largest drop in NHL history.

With Huberdeau's $10.5 million AAV contract set to start next season and not expiring until 2031, both the Flames organization and their fans are justifiably worried about his future output.

If Huberdeau doesn't return to form soon, the upcoming seasons wil lbe difficult for everybody.

To make things worst, Matthew Tkachuk, who was traded for Huberdeau, has found great success with the Panthers, notching 108 points in his first season with his new team.

Who do you think won the trade?

As seen on Hockey Patrol - Flames' Disastrous Season: Huberdeau Sets Embarassing NHL Record
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