Angry Oilers Fans Lose It After Embarassing OT Loss

Published April 18, 2023 at 10:16
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In a disappointing turn of events, the Oilers surrendered their lead after two periods and ultimately lost their first game against the Los Angeles Kings.

The Kings won it in overtime, courtesy of Alex Iafallo's game-winning goal:

Oilers fans were left disheartened by their team's performance, as Connor McDavid failed to find the net and no other players stepped up to fill the void.

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Their frustration was palpable after the game.

Unhappy Oilers Fans Toss Trash onto Ice Following Heartbreaking OT Loss

It's easy to sympathize with the fans, who paid out a considerable price to attend the game, only to be left disappointed.

Here's hoping the Oilers can rally and put on a better performance for their supporters in the next match.

As seen on Hockey Patrol - Angry Oilers Fans Throw Trash on the Ice After OT Loss
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