Mat Dumba Delivers Dangerous Hit on Joe Pavelski and Could Face Suspension

Published April 18, 2023 at 8:45
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Last night, the Stars and the Wild kicked off their series in a nail-biting showdown. Minnesota ultimately clinched victory during the second overtime period.

In the midst of the action, Joe Pavelski found himself on the wrong end of a brutal hit from Mat Dumba.

Dumba To Face Repercussions for His Dangerous Hit?

Pavelski, positioned in the corner of the offensive zone, was struck by Dumba just after releasing the puck. The Stars player required medical assistance following the incident, and Dumba received only two-minute roughing penalty.

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Check out the video of the hit here:

And the reaction of the fans:

As of now, no information has been released about Pavelski's condition or whether Dumba might be facing a suspension.

The Safety Department is sure to closely review the play and make an announcement about their decision in due course.

So, what's your take on this situation? Do you believe Dumba deserves a suspension?
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