Dylan Larkin Gets Very Emotional During Press Conference Following the Tyler Bertuzzi Trade

Published March 3, 2023 at 1:36 PM
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Dylan Larkin, the captain of the Detroit Red Wings, has signed a contract extension worth $69 million that will last eight years. Although this is usually a joyous occasion for any athlete, Larkin's demeanor was bittersweet when he spoke to the press.

Larkin Gets Emotional Following the Trade of His Close Friend


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Reporters asked Larkin about his reaction to the trade of Filip Hronek and Tyler Bertuzzi, both vital players for the Detroit Red Wings, who were traded away for draft picks, especially since the team is still fighting for a playoff spot in the Eastern Conference. Larkin became emotional when talking about Bertuzzi, whom he had grown up with on the team.

«He was one of my best friends,» Larkin said. «I'm surprised [about the trades]. The last 24 hours is one of the hardest days [I've had] of the business side of it. Being excited, being happy, talking to Tyler yesterday and [him] being happy for me. [I] saw him this morning and he was upset [about leaving] and I am too.»

Despite feeling relieved about finalizing his contract negotiations, Larkin stated that his current focus is solely on helping the Detroit Red Wings secure a playoff spot. The team is currently five points behind the final Eastern wild-card spot, with four teams to surpass to qualify for the playoffs.

«I can continue to focus on what I have to do to try and get this thing where the guys in the room want it to go,» Larkin said. It's clear that Larkin's loyalty and dedication to his team and his former teammates runs deep, making this contract signing a bittersweet experience for the captain.
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