Coyotes Alumni Destroys The Franchise

Published March 3, 2023 at 10:12
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The Arizona Coyotes have faced widespread mockery within the NHL in recent years, with former players even speaking out against the team. One such former Coyote, John Scott, a former NHL All-Star MVP, recently shared his candid thoughts on the state of the franchise.

John Scott Makes Some Severe Comments At The Coyotes

Scott was brutally honest in his criticism of the Coyotes, starting with the subpar state of Mullett Arena, which he compared to a college arena more suitable for an AHL team. He also called out the team's heavy reliance on long-term injured reserve, which he believed had a negative impact on their performance.

In his own words, Scott stated: "Bettman is concerned about teams using LTIR to increase spending, but he is fine with them using LTIR to avoid spending and field an AHL team in a college arena. They now have almost $30 million in LTIR dead money, while only paying their players $43 million!"

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Undoubtedly, the Coyotes' reliance on LTIR has had a significant effect on their salary cap, with retired players, salary dumps, and salary retention accounting for over half (57.6%) of their current cap hit. Consequently, the team's players receive a much lower salary than other NHL teams, at only $43 million.

Despite the Coyotes' poor reputation, it seems unlikely that anything will change under the current leadership of NHL commissioner Gary Bettman.

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