BREAKING: Red Wings Move On From Former Top Pick

Published July 3, 2023 at 12:26
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The Red Wings have placed one of their former top picks on waivers showing that they have moved on from him.

Wings Place Zadina On Waivers

The Detroit Red Wings are known for their good drafting in the early rounds with players such as Moritz Seider and Simon Edvinsson being selected 6th overall.

However, they also selected Filip Zadina 6th overall back in 2018 and he has yet to pan out at the NHL level. Due to this, they have placed him on waivers making him available to all other NHL teams to pick up for free.

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Zadina has played 190 games in his NHL career and has registered only 28 goals and 68 points. If another team takes a chance on him, he could develop into a solid 2nd line goal scoring winger but it would require a lot of work both from the team and Zadina.
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