Ryan Reaves explains the changes he will bring to the Leafs Room

Julien Trekker
July 3, 2023  (11:04)

Reaves Bringing Change

The Maple Leafs have added an important asset with Ryan Reaves. He is not only energetic on the ice but also has a great personality off it. The Leafs wanted to shift some of the attention away from their famous "Core Four" , so they brought in Reaves, who curiously gets as much media attention as the superstar Connor McDavid.
Recently, Reaves talked about his plans to make a difference in the Maple Leafs' locker room.

Reaves' Goal for the Leafs

Reaves made it clear that his aim is to bring the players together, and he takes this responsibility seriously.
"Off the ice, I take that part very seriously. I like to plan the parties. I like getting the boys together. I like getting together on the road. I tend to drag everybody (to come with). If somebody tends not to come to events sometimes, I just tend to make sure everybody's there. Because it's really important.

The best teams I've been on are the ones where everybody is together all the time off the ice. The worst teams I've been on are the ones with little cliques that hang out together, and you never really get the full group together.

I'm not exactly sure what the locker room is like. I hear it's quiet. I don't know if it's cliquey or whatever. If it is, we can address it. I've heard it's a great locker room, so I think I'm just going to make sure that everybody's together all the time and dragging guys into whatever we need to do to feel like a complete team."

These honest comments bring a breath of fresh air, especially considering the ongoing speculation about the atmosphere in the Leafs' locker room over the past few seasons.
We are excited to see if Reaves can successfully create a strong team spirit that could be crucial to the Leafs' future successes.