Oilers head coach rips the officials in game two loss vs the Stars

Julien Trekker
May 26, 2024  (11:00)

Kris Knoblauch, head coach of the Edmonton Oilers, in a press conference.
Photo credit: Screenshot

The Edmonton Oilers head coach Kris Knoblauch ripped the officials in a press conference after the game two loss against the Dallas Stars.

Last night in Dallas, we saw a great effort from the Stars as they absolutely wanted to tie the series before flying to Edmonton for games three and four.
Things turned exactly how they wanted. They ended up winning the game 3-1, and as we often see at this point in the playoffs, the head coach of the losing team had a lot to say about the officials.
He was asked to open up about why his team struggles to draw penalties so far in this series. Here's what he had to say:
The standard gets changed a little bit. It would definitely want to make sure it's a penalty when in the regular season, maybe some things get let go. That's obviously unfortunate for us. We've got a very good power play, and we win a lot of games on the power play. It's unfortunate for us that it's tougher to draw penalties in the playoffs than it is in the regular season. That being said, I think the standard is the same for both teams. I'm not saying it's unfair for us, but we would like the same standard.
Even if he doesn't believe it's unfair for his team, it's clear that refs missed a few calls that would've benefited the Oilers:
Remember when the #Oilers got a penalty for slashing the hands but it was actually on the leg? This is on a scoring chance.
We should know as soon as tomorrow night if Knoblauch's comments have an impact on the refs as both teams are set to face each other again in Edmonton for game three.