Former Dallas Star Passes Away During Ice Hockey Game

Published April 12, 2023 at 7:57
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The untimely death of someone is always a heartbreaking event, particularly when it occurs while they are engaging in their passion.

Former Dallas Star Passes Away During Ice Hockey Game

Raymond Sawada, who was drafted in the second round by the Dallas Stars in 2004, had a diverse ice hockey career, playing in the NHL, AHL, LIIGA, and the Asian Professional Ice Hockey League. In total, he played eleven games in the NHL.

Regrettably, at the young age of 38, Sawada suffered a fatal heart attack while playing ice hockey.

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#NHL alumnus Raymond Sawada has passed away at the age of 38, after having a heart attack while playing a game of ice hockey.

Sawada was drafted 52nd overall by the #Stars in 2004. He played 11 career games in the NHL from 2009-2011.

Sawada played in the USA, Canada, Finland, Northern Ireland, and Japan over the course of his career.

Rest in Peace.

Troy Stecher, an NHL player who knew Sawada from the Richmond community, shared a heartfelt statement:

Heart breaking news. Ray was an idol for a lot of Richmond Minor Players growing up. Not only was Ray a successful hockey player, he was a community hero and local firefighter. Thoughts and prayers to his family.

Rest in peace, Ray.

Our team at Daily Hockey Dose extends our deepest condolences to his family and friends during this difficult time.

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