The NHL future of Mike Babcock has now been revealed by Insider

Tom Banks
September 18, 2023  (10:51)

The NHL world was shocked when the Columbus Blue Jackets hired veteran coach Mike Babcock this summer, but after another controversy, he's officially done with the organization before he even coached a game.

A veteran coach done in the NHL?


Despite promising he had changed his ways after a rocky exit from the Toronto Maple Leafs, it all turned out to be a lie, as Babcock was once again caught up in controversy.
This time, it was reported that he was harsh during interviews with the teams young players, asking them if he can look through their phone and making them generally uncomfortable, and before he even coached a game, he was officially done with the Blue Jackets.

A potential return?

Now, NHL Insider Chris Johnston has opened up on the future of the 60-year old, and it doesn't look good for him.
Columbus weren't comfortable with the way he was handling the young players in the organization.

"Absolutely not, this was already going to be his last job in the NHL. The way this has unraveled I don't see him seeking other employment and I don't see other teams coming knocking."

Babcocks' time in the NHL is certainly over. His "old school" practices of dealing with people simply doesn't work in 2023. Babcock has made enough money in the NHL to ride off into the sunset and the NHL definitely doesn't need the Babcock headache any longer.

This comes as no surprise, as many believed his NHL coaching career was done after his exit from the Maple Leafs, and now being let go before even making it through the summer, it's safe to say that something will have to change in a big way for this to change.