Report: Mike Babcock Close to a Return to the NHL

Elliot Ben Jacob
May 21, 2023  (3:20 PM)

Is Mike Babcock Planning an NHL Comeback?

The buzz around Mike Babcock's potential return to the National Hockey League (NHL) coaching scene has been growing recently. Babcock, who departed from the NHL some time ago, might just be on the brink of making his return.

Speculation: Babcock and the Columbus Connection

Larry Brooks, a reliable source within the NHL, has recently suggested that Babcock is actively looking to get back into the NHL's coaching scene. This speculation comes as his contract with his former team, the Toronto Maple Leafs, who had previously fired him, reaches its conclusion.
Despite previous strong associations with the New York Rangers, it seems Babcock may stage his comeback with a different team. According to Brooks, it appears that Babcock is significantly engaged with a team, hinting that the Columbus Blue Jackets could be his next destination. He stated:
"So we're told by a reputable source that the disgraced Mike Babcock is 'far down the line with a team,' and the inference is that the team is the Blue Jackets."

Columbus: A Potential Fresh Start for Babcock

Compared to the previous teams Babcock has done coaching for, the Blue Jackets aren't the most notable team to return to, but despite this, it could be a better re-entry option into the NHL for him. He has been out for a couple years now, and if he can help a struggling team find their footing, it would look very good on him.

The Verdict: Waiting for Confirmation

Despite the circulating rumors, it's still uncertain if Babcock will return to the NHL or not. Until a formal announcement is made, we should not jump to any conclusions.