Auston Matthews Reveals His Honest Thoughts on Connor Bedard and His NHL Debut

Arron Murphy
September 27, 2023  (5:06 PM)

Auston Matthews and His Famous 4 Goal NHL Debut.

I'm sure everyone is well aware of the fact that Auston Matthews is an exceptional talent, especially in the world of hockey.
The 2016 1st overall pick not only lived up to the hype but exceeded it, and it all began with an extraordinary NHL debut.
On October 12th, 2016, Matthews made an unforgettable entry into the NHL by scoring 4 goals in the opening game of the Leafs' season against the Ottawa Senators.
Yes, the Leafs may have lost that game, but considering their recent struggles as the NHL's last-placed team just months before, expectations were modest at best.
Matthews made history as the first rookie in NHL history to achieve such a feat in his debut.
Earlier today, before the game against the Buffalo Sabres in St. Thomas, Ontario, Matthews spoke with the media, and one of the questions he fielded was about the possibility of 2023 1st overall pick Connor Bedard scoring 4 goals in his NHL debut. Matthews' response was quite surprising.
"Can Connor Bedard score four goals in his NHL debut?"

Auston Matthews, smiling: "I'm sure he can get six."
"I'm sure he can get six," Matthews said with a broad smile. While part of his statement might have been in jest, there's likely a genuine belief in Bedard's potential behind those words.

Is Connor Bedard the NHL's Next Generational Talent?

Connor Bedard is a remarkable player, leaving a lasting impression on NHL veterans who've had the privilege of skating with him.
His extraordinary skill, work ethic, and intelligence have earned him immense respect even before playing an NHL game. It's a testament to his status as the next generational talent.
While Bedard draws inspiration from various NHLers, he's not aiming to replicate anyone else's style. He once mentioned to the media that he doesn't aspire to be the next Connor McDavid; he aims to be the first Connor Bedard.
While he looks up to Auston Matthews and incorporates elements of Matthews' signature drag shot into his game, Bedard is undoubtedly a player with his own unique style. So, if Matthews believes he can score 6, who are we to doubt it?