Ryan Reaves Shares His Shocking Thoughts on Corey Perry

Published October 18, 2023 at 12:48

In a recent interview, Ryan Reaves shared his true feelings for Corey Perry after their altercation was caught on camera.

Reaves Doesn't Really Care For Perry and Thinks He Runs His Mouth

Ryan Reaves isn't one to hide how he truly feels, as one of the toughest players in the NHL, he isn't really scared of anyone. Recently, he shared his feelings on Corey Perry.

Reaves on Perry: «I never really liked him, to be honest. We always seem to run into each other and we play against each other, but not a lot of love for that guy Just the way he runs his mouth, I don't know. He kind of acts tough. He's not tough.»

Perry is famous for getting under players' skin and has made a successful career of doing so. However, he doesn't always back it up with his fists, something Reaves says is an act.

Perry and Reaves Went at it Throughout the Night

Although they didn't drop the gloves, Perry and Reaves were going at each other all night. After Noah Gregor laid an awkward hit on Nikita Zaitsev, he dropped his mitts as a sign of respect and acknowledgement that the hit was questionable. Perry was seen chirping from the bench after the fight, and Reaves didn't like that too much.

Reaves and Perry chirping:

"Why do you think I give a f--k what you say? Huh? What, what are you gonna do about it?"

"Never back it up though. Never f--king back it up, never."

The very next shift, Reaves and Perry got engaged on the ice in a minor scrum, however, Perry didn't feel like backing up his talk.

The Amazing Adventures of Reaves and Perry

The two will face off again on November 24th, when the Leafs head to Chicago.
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Ryan Reaves Shares His Shocking Thoughts on Corey Perry

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