Blackhawks' Head Coach Calls out Superstar Prospect

Published October 4, 2023 at 8:26 PM

Connor Bedard called out by Blackhawk's coach

Chicago Blackhawks head coach Luke Richardson called out Connor Bedard for not celebrating his first NHL preseason goal.

Bedard scored his first preseason goal in a pretty run-of-the-mill fashion, potting an empty-netter to seal his team's victory over the Detroit Red Wings. Most players would be thrilled to have scored their first preseason goal, even if it came as an empty-netter. But Bedard isn't most players. After the goal he barely even seemed to notice it went in.

When asked about the incident, Richardson gave the following response:

[Bedard is] hard on himself, so we're going to have to lighten him up and make sure he enjoys these times. Because wins in the NHL are hard to come by - and once it starts for real, they're really hard to come by. We have to make sure we enjoy the night and have a little fun when you win a game.

A couple of those hiccups, [like] when we missed an open net or fell down on a 2-on-0, we have to make some humor out of that and make it fun to come to the rink the next day, not tense and grinding the stick. There's enough of that.

Richardson's message to the budding star is to enjoy the game more and not be so hard on himself.

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Blackhawks' Head Coach Calls out Superstar Prospect

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