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Kyle Dubas Eyeing Vezina Winning Goalie to Join the Penguins

Published June 29, 2023 at 8:08 PM

Boston Bruins' Upcoming Season: A Major Transition

Indications point towards a significant transformation for the Boston Bruins in the upcoming season. The uncertainty surrounds the futures of Patrice Bergeron and David Krejci, two prominent names in NHL. Adding to the ambiguity, Taylor Hall's trade to the Chicago Blackhawks leaves the Bruins on a rocky road ahead.

Post-Hall trade, the Bruins are left with a modest cap space of just under $11 million. But the changes don't seem to end here. The Bruins' recent Vezina Trophy winner, Linus Ullmark, might be another player joining the departure list.

Ullmark's Potential Move and His Replacement

Ullmark, whose name is already associated with the Pittsburgh Penguins, as per Pittsburgh sports journalist Andrew Fillipponi, might be moved due to his substantial cost against the cap.


At $5 million per season, Ullmark has become an expensive asset. This situation brings Jeremy Swayman, viewed as a potential long-term #1 by Bruins management, into the spotlight.

The Aftermath of an Ullmark Trade

Predicting the return from a possible Ullmark trade is challenging, though his increased value cannot be denied. Interestingly, this comes after a series of underperforming instances during this year's playoffs.

Despite the disappointing playoff performances, the Bruins surprisingly exited in the first round against the Florida Panthers, the event's eventual finalists, in seven games. This shocker has added more speculation to Ullmark's trade, and the Bruins' off-season plans remain under heavy speculation.

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Kyle Dubas Eyeing Vezina Winning Goalie to Join the Penguins

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