Chicago Blackhawks are Buying Out a Player they just Traded For

Published June 29, 2023 at 2:34 PM
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Blackhawks Buyout NHL Veteran Josh Bailey

The Chicago Blackhawks have made a significant roster move by buying out Josh Bailey, a seasoned NHL star with over 1,000 games under his belt.

Acquisition and Plan for Bailey

Earlier today, the Blackhawks acquired Josh Bailey and wasted no time in clarifying their intentions for him.

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According to a tweet by reporter Chris, the team has outlined their plan for Bailey, although specific details were not disclosed. It is apparent that the Blackhawks have a clear vision for how they will utilize Bailey's skills and contribute to their future success.

Financial Implications of the Buyout

The decision to buy out Bailey will have financial implications for the Blackhawks. As stated in a tweet by Ben Pope, the team is projected to save approximately $2.4 million in the upcoming year.

However, they will allocate $1.7 million towards his buyout in the following year. This strategic financial maneuver allows the Blackhawks to optimize their roster while effectively managing their salary cap.

Bailey's Brief Stint with the Blackhawks

Despite being recently acquired by the Blackhawks, Bailey's time with the team was short-lived. He lasted only one hour before being bought out. It is worth noting that Bailey has a long and impressive NHL career, having played just over 1000 games with the New York Islanders.


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