Insider Drops a Bomb on William Nylander and his Future with Toronto

Elliot Ben Jacob
June 29, 2023  (12:12)

Is the Core Four's Time in Toronto Coming to an End?

The Toronto Maple Leafs have been abuzz with trade rumors surrounding their legendary Core Four, following the team's early elimination in the playoffs.
Key players Auston Matthews and William Nylander, both up for free agency next summer, have been at the heart of these speculations. In a twist, their no-trade clause activates in just a couple days, on July 1st.

The Challenge Facing Treliving

The task of retaining Matthews and Nylander falls on Treliving. The challenge to preserve the team's nucleus in Toronto will hinge on Treliving's expertise as a GM.

An Insider's Look at Nylander's Situation

Renowned insider Pierre LeBrun has brought light to a crucial development regarding Nylander's predicament.
LeBrun reveals that Nylander's agent, Lewis Gross, and Treliving had a meeting in Nashville, but it failed to yield any substantial results.

A Potential Blow to Toronto: Nylander's Departure?

LeBrun delivered an unsettling piece of news for Toronto and Nylander's fans, stating:
"That's the wild card one. Everyone keeps insisting that the Core 4 will be back, but I'll tell you now - William Nylander will not be back if this contract negotiation doesn't go smoothly. That's just the reality of it. That's the player that could move if there isn't an extension that makes sense for both sides."

Nylander's High Demand and Toronto's Financial Constraints

Nylander appears to be set to ask for a significant amount in his contract renewal, a position that may put Toronto in a tough spot given their current financial circumstances.

Nylander's Future: Will the Negotiations Be Successful?

With intense negotiations expected in the near future, LeBrun cautions that the Leafs might lose Nylander to another team if discussions don't go as planned.