NHL commissioner Gary Bettman in a press conference.
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BREAKING: Huge Update on the Arizona Coyotes' Relocation

Published February 7, 2024 at 4:26 PM
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A significant development has emerged regarding the future of the Arizona Coyotes amid longstanding relocation rumors.

NHL to Announce Purchase of Arizona Coyotes Following Super Bowl, According to Insider


The NHL is expected to make an announcement about the Arizona Coyotes shortly after the Super Bowl, as reported by Andy Strickland. According to him, the League should announce the acquisition of the team.

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Check out what he said:

"Expect the #NHL to make an announcement related to the Arizona Coyotes situation sometime soon after the Super Bowl. The league has been pressuring the team for answers on a daily basis for some time. The league buying the team from the #Yotes current owners is in play."

Later, insider Kevin Weekes posted a picture of Salt Lake City on X, which added even more excitement surrounding the Coyotes.

More details are expected to be revealed following the Super Bowl.

As seen on Puck Reporter - BREAKING: Insider Unveils The Coyotes Relocation Announcement Date
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