New York Rangers owner James Dolan.
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New York Rangers owner blocks trade for ridiculous reason

Published February 7, 2024 at 1:18 PM
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The New York Rangers have a fantastic team, but if they want to take the next step into Stanley Cup stardom, they need to make a massive move, making James Dolan's latest decision even more ridiculous.

Rangers Owner James Dolan shows his selfishness

According to a report from TSN's Darren Dreger, the Rangers looked to have a deal in place for Elias Lindholm of the Calgary Flames, but that was taken away by Dolan for this reason.

"Yeah, (complications) including their 1st round pick in 2024. The New York Rangers would like to add a forward, I'm told they did make an offer for Elias Lindholm... but that after was clearly not accepted. James Dolan wants to protect the 2024 1st round pick so that the Rangers can be part of the spotlight at the Draft at the Sphere because Dolan is also the owner of the Sphere in Vegas. The Rangers want to be part of the spectacle in Vegas."

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Being the owner of the Sphere in Las Vegas, the host of the 2024 NHL Draft, Dolan wanted the Rangers to be a part of the first draft in the iconic venue, and is now reportedly refusing to part with that asset.

Do the Rangers have the assets to make a deal without that pick?

Given how much of an upgrade the Rangers need down the middle and potentially on the blue line, taking an asset like their 2024 first-round draft pick off the table could have major consequences.

Sure, the Rangers could part with one of their young players or a future pick, but the piece coming back certainly won't be as good, and unless that changes, Dolan may have cost his team a genuine chance at making a Stanley Cup run in 2024.

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