NHL Looking To Head To A New Location For Global Series

Published October 12, 2023 at 6:35 PM

The NHL has been expanding its fanbase globally through the Global Series games. This season the NHL has already taken its talents to Australia in the preseason. Now new reports indicate they already have another location in mind.

Hockey Continues To Go South

The expansion of hockey to southern and western parts of the United States has been massive. Cities like Arizona, Las Vegas, Anaheim, San Jose, and more have been a big part of this expansion. Now the NHL is considering that expansion even further south beyond the United States borders.

After new comments from the NHL's chief content officer Steve Mayer the NHL is considering expanding to Mexico City for their Global Series.

"Mexico City is on a short list because our teams are very interested in going there and exploring that market," Mayer said. "Our international department and our events department get so many inquiries from all over the world, and we've heard from so many people that have done major events in big cities, and they love the fact that hockey can be viable in their countries,

This is great news for the growth of hockey around the world. Several cities in different countries are reaching out to host these Global Series events. Up until now, these events have just been one-offs but with an event in Mexico City, other things could be possible.

NHL Expansion To Mexico?

The NHL has been expanding at a rapid rate over the past few years adding Vegas and Seattle to the league. The Global Series heading to Mexico City could be a potential first step to expanding into Mexico eventually. The NFL has done this in recent years playing games in Mexico City while testing its viability for a team.

The NHL could do the same thing. There are several teams in California, Arizona, and of course, Vegas that could play in Mexico City easily. Even if the NHL does not end up expanding to Mexico it could create lifelong fans for other teams who come and play there.

Mexico City on NHL's 'short list' for future international game https://thesco.re/3ZQkoXX

The NHL has done a fantastic job of building its brand on a global level. Adding Mexico City to this circuit could add both general NHL fans but also dedicated ones who are willing to pay to see their favorite team play in person with a trip up to the United States.
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NHL Looking To Head To A New Location For Global Series

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