Wayne Gretzky Opens Up on Which Team he Wanted to Play For but Never got the Chance

Published July 23, 2023 at 10:33
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The Team Wayne Gretzky Wishes He Had Played For


Wayne Gretzky was simply amazing on the ice, leaving a legendary mark in the NHL while playing for the Oilers, the Kings, the Blues, and the Rangers. He scored 2,857 points in 1,487 games, but more importantly, he inspired millions of people.

"The Great One" made an interesting statement expressing his regret for not playing for a specific team.

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Gretzky Wanted to Play in Buffalo

Recently, Gretzky revealed that he had always loved the Sabres since he was a child, influenced by his father who was a fan. He admired their style of play and followed their games closely.

The Athletic's Matthew Fairburn wrote:



Though he won't get the chance to play for the Sabres now, he could always decide to join the team in a management role, if he wants to come back in the NHL.

Do you think Gretzky will work with the Sabres' management at some point in the future?

As seen on Hockey Patrol - Wayne Gretzky Reveals the One Team He Regrets Not Playing for Before Retirement
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