Gary Bettman Gets Ultimate Wakeup Call From Women's College Basketball

Published April 5, 2023 at 9:18
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The NCAA Women's Basketball Championship took place on Sunday night, featuring a thrilling matchup between LSU and Iowa. ESPN reported that the championship game attracted a whopping 9.9 million viewers, making TV history in the process.

NHL Viewership Struggles Make Headlines

As per Front Office Sports, the NCAA Women's Basketball Championship managed to draw more viewers than any Stanley Cup game since 1973 a staggering statistic.

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Hockey fans undoubtedly consider the NHL playoffs to be the pinnacle of excitement and exhilaration in sports. However, it's clear that the NHL needs to find a way to showcase its thrilling action to a broader audience, ensuring the rest of the sports world can share in the excitement.

As Read on Hockey Patrol - NHL's Embarrassingly Low Viewership Making Headlines
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