New Trade Suggestion Would Pair Connor Bedard With Mitch Marner On The Same Line

Published May 16, 2023 at 3:02 PM

Chicago Blackhawks Poised to Draft Connor Bedard

It's widely anticipated that the Chicago Blackhawks will secure Connor Bedard as their first overall pick in the upcoming draft. This move is expected to reinvigorate the franchise and further bolster the teams reputation as a force to be reckoned with.

Speculations on Bedard's Potential Teammate

While this is certainly an exciting development for the Blackhawks, they also need to determine who will be playing alongside Bedard. There's been a ton of speculation but an intriguing proposition emerged on Twitter, suggesting a potential blockbuster trade.

Proposed Trade to Bring Mitch Marner to Blackhawks

Given the imminent reshuffling within the Leafs organization, it seems none of their star players are secure. The proposal suggests that Mitch Marner could be traded to the Blackhawks. The theoretical trade can be viewed in the tweet below:

The addition of Marner and Murray from Toronto could potentially propel Chicago into a competitive position as early as the next season.

The Anticipated Marner-Bedard Pairing

The prospect of seeing Marner play alongside Bedard is particularly exciting, potentially creating an insane power couple on the ice.

The Blackhawks' Readiness to Pay the Price

Nonetheless, the proposed trade would require them to part with three top prospects and a first-round pick which is no doubt an expensive trade.

However, given Marner's superstar status, the cost might not seem too extravagant, especially considering the amazing potential he could have when paired with Bedard.

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New Trade Suggestion Would Pair Connor Bedard With Mitch Marner On The Same Line

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