Major Trade Scenario Involving Auston Matthews

Published July 17, 2023 at 10:27
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Massive Trade Scenario Involving Matthews

There's a major rumor going around that Auston Matthews could be traded.


It suggests that Matthews is thinking about leaving Toronto to join his hometown team, the Coyotes.

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That means the Coyotes have a good chance of bringing back their hometown hero, but they'll have to pay a high price.

Breaking Down the Trade


If Matthews joins the Coyotes, they'll be getting a true superstar. Even though his performance dipped a bit last season, Matthews still scored an impressive 40 goals and 85 points in 74 games. Most NHL players can only dream of achieving that. Plus, his connection to Arizona might convince him to sign a longer contract and stay close to his family and friends.

The return package for the Leafs is also appealing. Both Keller and Cooley show a lot of promise.

Cooley, the third overall pick in 2022, has been doing really well at the University of Minnesota. He's been playing with Matthew Knies, another top Leafs prospect, and they've shown great chemistry on the ice. They were even nominated as finalists for the Hobey Baker Award. Cooley is on track to become one of hockey's rising stars.

On the other hand, Keller is already a strong player. He had an amazing 86 points in 82 games last season.

In summary, if this trade happens, the Coyotes will gain a top-tier player, but the Leafs won't be left behind. If Cooley lives up to his potential in the NHL, the Leafs will have a more balanced team. They'll add two great players to their roster and get an early 2nd round pick to help make up for Matthews' departure.

Would you make that trade?

As seen on Hockey Patrol - Trade Proposal Emerges Sending Matthews To His Hometown Team
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