Major Potential Trade Might See the Toronto Maple Leafs Fix Their Goaltending Situation

Published June 13, 2023 at 7:41
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The Winnipeg Jets are barreling towards a revamp after a season that could only be described as less-than-stellar.

As whispers of a rebuild gain momentum, this means one major thing:
trade winds are swirl around the Jets.

The name causing ripple effects among the fan base? None other than Connor Hellebuyck, a titan between the posts who has the potential to tempt any franchise yearning for a solid goaltender.

Marty Zylstra, host of the popular 'Sports! is fun' podcast, broke the news of a potential blockbuster trade. The team that could potentially snap up Hellebuyck? The Toronto Maple Leafs. Whilst the Leafs' interest in Hellebuyck remains speculative, the mere hint of such a move has the hockey world buzzing.

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Adding fuel to the fire, reports are swirling that Hellebuyck has already alerted the Jets about his intention to walk, setting the trade rumour treadmill into overdrive and giving this potential scenario some substance.

As for the details of the trade itself.

The Maple Leafs would surely need to sweeten the deal to make a package involving William Nylander and a conditional first-round pick worthwhile.

Quantifying the return for Hellebuyck is tricky, given that netminders don't often fetch premium prices in the trade bazaar.

Only time, and the ever-churning rumor mill, will tell.

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