Potential playoff bracket for the 2024 NHL playoffs
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Final NHL playoff matchups to be determined in final games by teams

Published April 16, 2024 at 6:49 PM

The 2024 NHL season has proven to be extremely entertaining, especially with the playoff race in the eastern conference. The final spot is still up for grabs with four teams in the hunt whose fate will be determined tonight.

Tonight's schedule includes a couple of critical games for the NHL playoff race. While most teams have already been locked in, several are still determining their fate. Among them are the Flyers and Capitals, who play against each other tonight. A win for the Capitals would secure their playoff spot, ending the playoff race altogether. However, if the Flyers can pull off an upset, they would keep their season alive, depending on the outcome of other games.

Biggest a regular season game can get

NHL insider Elliotte Friedman pointed out on crazy possibility about the game. With the Flyers requiring a win in regulation to stay alive, they could theoretically be forced to pull the goalie in a tie game late to have a chance at a playoff run.

Craziest possible scenario tonight: Flyers must win in regulation to have a chance. Any kind of win by Capitals puts them in playoffs. What happens if game is tied late in third period? Flyers have to pull goalie, don't they? Risking Capitals clinching on empty-netter.

MoneyPuck has the odds for each team left to make the playoffs. After yesterday's games concluded, they gave the Penguins a 15% shot of making it, the Red Wings a 36% chance, the Capitals a 43% chance and the Flyers just a 6% chance.

Playoff odds after Monday's Eastern games

The Red Wings are also in action tonight as they face the Montreal Canadiens. A loss of any kind would eliminate them from playoff contention while a win could get them across the finish line, also dependent on other games. The Penguins meanwhile, do not play until tomorrow at which point their fate may have already been determined.

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The NHL is set to have its biggest game of the season tonight
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Final NHL playoff matchups to be determined in final games by teams

Who do you think will get the final playoff spot in the Eastern conference?

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