Paul Maurice Calls Out Obvious Referee Bias

Published May 3, 2023 at 11:23

Intense Game Between Florida and Toronto

The game last night between Florida and Toronto was an exciting one to witness. With both teams playing intensely and not holding back on delivering hits, over 80 were exchanged between them.

Despite the equal aggression displayed by both teams, Florida received five penalties while the Leafs only had one.

Paul Maurice's Response to the Penalty Discrepancy

Paul Maurice, the coach, discussed this issue during his post-game press conference, having already noticed the disparity during the game. He did not hesitate to express his discontent to the referees.

Maurice continued to address the situation after the game, stating, "We have just accepted the fact that we're going to be in the penalty box more than the opponent. Tell Sergei to get lots of sleep."

Will Calling Out the Referees Lead to Change?

Using media to call out referees for perceived unfair treatment has been effective at times. It remains to be seen if the situation will change in game two.

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Paul Maurice Calls Out Obvious Referee Bias

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