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New Hockey League emerges looking to rival NHL

Published May 10, 2024 at 10:23

This upcoming fall, there will be a new professional hockey league in North America, called (MHL) Major League Hockey. What sets it apart from NHL, AHL, ECHL, is its full time 3 on 3, 24 minute games with an intermission.

According to the report by Steve Dangle of SDPN, each squad will consist of 12 skaters and 2 goalies, with a $30 million salary cap to play around with. That means each player could be looking at a $2.1 million salary. Every win earns the team and coaching staff a $100K bonus to divide up.

Yet the MHL isn't just sticking to one corner of North America. With 16 teams in the lineup, they're spreading their wings from Canada's hockey hotspots like British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Quebec, and Ontario and Quebec to bustling American states like New York, California, Missouri, Arizona, Minnesota, New England, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas and Florida.

Each team gets to snag three marquee players with pro experience, alongside a mix of fresh talent from NCAA, USports, and major junior hockey. According to Jacob Stoller. They're even considering bringing professional women's players into the fold!

Yet like any big endeavor, there are still a few kinks to work out. From securing arenas and revenue streams to nabbing top-notch coaches and GMs, there's plenty on their plate. And let's not forget about the finer details like player fines, CBA negotiations, and setting up a players' union. Yet According to Jacob Stoller. Saudi Arabia will be the main contributor to the new 3v3 professional hockey

I'm hearing that a good chunk of the venture capital is coming from.... Saudi Arabia.

Bauer is also apparently involved somehow. As Steve reports, the league will have a $30M (!!!) salary cap.

However, fans are skeptical of this league growing.

So this Major League Hockey thing.....3 on 3 league coming in the fall, do any actual "marquee" players jump from the NHL to this? I'm not so sure about that.

A 3-on-3 league coming this fall, with some absurd money behind it.

16-team league with $30 million salary cap per team.

Don't think this ends up working — it will be mostly NCAA and U SPORTS guys.

Good money for players though for sure.

Also full time 3on 3 hockey is around, anyways in the Summertime in the form of 3Ice.

If you're curious what 3-on-3 hockey looks like as a full product, it already exists in 3Ice.

Less money, but a similar model to this Major League Hockey idea.

I love the U SPORTS talent in it, but it's just nowhere near as entertaining as NHL/PWHL OT.

It's a work in progress, but with heavy hitters like Bauer backing them up, the future looks bright for MHL!
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New Hockey League emerges looking to rival NHL

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