Ron MacLean Under Fire After Insensitive Comments on the Pride Movement

Published March 26, 2023 at 10:52

Ron MacLean isn't particularly well-regarded in the industry, and his actions last night did not help his reputation.

MacLean Faces Criticism Over Insensitive Remarks

During a recent Hockey Night in Canada broadcast, Ron MacLean interviewed Brian Burke, a key advocate of the "Hockey For Everyone" initiative.

Despite facing some challenges, Burke remained hopeful about the campaign and discussed the objectives of Pride Night, aimed at promoting inclusivity for the LGBTQ+ community.

However, MacLean, seemingly disconnected from the initiative, unexpectedly brought up replacement theory during the interview, a comment that shocked and upset many fans. Canucks journalist Daniel Wagner expressed his disapproval:

Brian Burke was excellent in the intermission segment on Pride Night...

...but can we address Ron MacLean casually suggesting a "compromise" and "middle ground" with replacement theory, which is a white supremacist conspiracy theory?

Moreover, MacLean cited Aristotle's philosophies in the conversation, an outdated and unrelated reference that was embarrassing for him and others involved in the broadcast.

MacLean managed to make an uncomplicated issue more awkward.

Thankfully, the industry has people like Brian Burke who continue to drive positive change.

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Ron MacLean Under Fire After Insensitive Comments on the Pride Movement

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